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Master Shin's Anvil #64 Weeding Hoe, small

Master Shin's Anvil #64 Weeding Hoe, small

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Master Shin In-Young is the head blacksmith of Master Shin's Anvil and owns the oldest blacksmith shop in South Korea, established in 1845. At age 13 he bagan his apprenticeship and at 17 he became a master, an unprecedented achievement even today. In 2016, the Korean government awarded him with the highest title, recognizing his rare, traditional skills and outstanding talent. Following old-world techniques and traditional minimalistic design, Master Shin creates high-quality, functional pieces that are also durable works of art.

This hoe can slide under weeds and invasive runners to uproot the mass. The pointed edge-shaped head can furrow and flick out weeds in walkway cracks.

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