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Brookby Spreaders, Set of 3

Brookby Spreaders, Set of 3

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The Brookby™ Water Buffalo Horn Spreaders (set of 3) are the perfect way to enjoy your favorite cheeses. These cheese spreader knives are made from sustainable water buffalo horn. The natural material is hand forged into beautiful cheese spreaders that are perfect for entertaining. The Brookby™ cheese spreaders are a stunning addition to any cheese plate and make a great gift for any cheese lover.

Unique Tones
The horns of the water buffalo can feature several blended tones from cream to brown to gray all in the same horn.

Elegant Cheese Knives
Expect swirls of cream to darker brown and gray tones in the water buffalo horn handles of these elegant cheese knives. For the blades we’ve culled and sorted the purest black horn possible

High-Quality Material
100% Water Buffalo Horn

Dimensions: 1" W x 6" L

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